New Moon in Aquarius, 2018

Between Feb 15 - March 17, 2018 

Thanks for following from the former article! 

Important events of this Lunar month: 

18.02.2018    6:28:01 > Psc Mercury
18.02.2018   19:17:59 > Psc Sun
 6.03.2018    9:34:19 >  Ari Mercury
 7.03.2018    1:45:25 >  Ari Venus
 9.03.2018    6:46:14 R  Jupiter 23°13'22"Sco
17.03.2018   18:40:12 > Cap Mars

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Former New Moons in Aquarius can be found here: 2017; 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012.


February 24, 2018 Saturday

Some beautiful pictures here: yesterday we had the Moon occult Aldebaran. occultation is like an eclipse, but to another planet, or fixed star. Aldebaran is at 10 Gemini. The Moon has already moved on, she moves quickly, therefore its effects are minor. 

 I wrote on the 22nd, that I felt like a zombie... Now the reason for it is here. I posted on FB, and many answered that they too. Then this video circulated: cars in China started to fly... Then a friend messaged me, that the Geo magnetic pole of the Earth is moving. This can cause climate changes, and God knows what else. 

Now sit down, and listen to this video. Don't judge, just listen. Remember, when Columbus first landed on the shores of the US, the Indians, did not see the ships, because their brain could not apprehend what they see. Are we now in the same position? What our brain doesn't understand, it does not see? There are thousands of questions to ask... But as a beginning, just listen. I brought this up, because of the occultation of Aldebaran, and because I wrote many times in the past, that 2018 will be the year of encounter. 

Have a nice weekend. 


February 23, 2018 Friday

I post on FB some thoughts and charts. People react there. Here I feel I am talking to myself. 
So here is what I posted on FB yesterday: 

Here is a thought...
If I am house 1, than things that I don't see coming, or can undermine me, or can harm me, or is my Achilles heel, is house 12.
SO if I have a Sag. Sun, and I make a solar chart, anyone born in Scorpio, is that house 12 for me. Same with every sign. So an Aries should look out from a Pisces, a Taurus from an Aries, A Leo from a Cancer, etc.
Now take couples you know, who is endangering whom?
I have a very good example, but I need to be careful. You'll understand.
WHat do you think of my theory ?

For example: Bibi and Sara. He is a Sag. rising and she has a Scorpio Sun. The real problem is she, she has on him stuff that he is terrified from her or by her. Even if I use the SUn ; Bibi a LIbra and she a Scorpio- so he is threatening her. You see how these two people are interlocked? They can't go with  and can't go without.. Karma.. 
Look at Trump- Gemini - and his wife- Taurus- oh! when that Taurus will decide to kick!... Look at Bill Clinton and Monica, she is 0 Leo, he is 24 Leo, so she is behind him- by planetary positions,and didn't he almost fall because of her? Well, the one to blame was him, 27 years younger!! whhhhaaat.... in any case, "cherchez la femme. ". 
Another example : Bibi is a Sag rising, and who turned state witness against him ??? a Taurus. Even his LIbra Sun is 150 to that Taurus... Scroll down to former post... Now you'll say, but they are not conjunct signs... yes, but the other rule to" who can harm you", is your 5th and 8th house, so Taurus is the 5th from Sag. and Cancer is the 8th. 
Or look at Prince Charles and Diana: He with a SUn in Scorpio, at 22 degrees- killl or get killed. She with a Sin at 9 Cancer. the Suns are 150^ -disharmonic aspect.  Look at her chart! His Uranus in in her 12th. Must I say more? 
Now here is a very interesting combination: Assad and Putin. Who endangers whom? Apparently Assad's Virgo stellium is in Putin's 12 house. BUT I shake my head with disbelief... is the tail swinging the dog? and then I see Putin's PLUTO, the sting of the Scorpio, at the back of Assad's Virgo stellium! 

This is working not only between people but also person and share. If I am an Aquarius, I should watch it trading the BTC, a Capricorn ( it's my 12th house). 
Also looking at the BTC chart, planets moving into Gemini and Leo will shake it.. 
For the sake of example I moved the BTC chart and made a Solar chart. So with the Sun in CAP- it should be in danger with planets in Sag, Taurus and Leo. Remember, Uranus enters Taurus in May. It was there only 84 years ago, so we don't know how will BTC react, which has no past, only 9 years.. But it's a thought...
So what is happening in the BTC? In my alerts I wrote to go short below 11000. It topped on 2/21- at 11800, and today bottomed at 9500. Lower stop to 10000. I don't think the fall is over. 
During these two days the Moon was in Taurus- 120^ to BTC's Sun- by sign- now it moved to Gemini. A reversal is possible in this sign! so be careful... but not before it'll make a new low, I think to 9000. 

So what's in for today? It's a day ruled by Venus and Mars... Oh, that's a swing... and with the Moon in Gemini, will add to it. 
CIT for today: IBEX, WIG20, ETH. 
ETH: 60 MIN: lOWER STOP TO 837- Long above it- to 944- the test will be there. 

People affected, or in the news: Anna Bligh, Netanyahu, Hassan Rouhani, Jimmy Carter, Jaroslav Kaczynski, Khaled Meshaal, Pippa Middleton, Stalin, Al Thani ( Qatar), Rex Tillerson.

February 22, 2018 Thursday

The sky today shows a Taurus Moon in opposition Jupiter-this can bring to extremes today. See also the stellium in Pisces. Today we are under Jupiter and Saturn energies. Jupiter is not always good and Saturn is not always bad. It all depends in which sign they are, and what aspects they receive or send to other planets. 

The BTC: fell yesterday to 10200- and reversed...Really only for strong nerves.. 
The S&P fell below 2700... 

Don't you feel like a zombie today?? Can't concentrate? Too many planets in Pisces... ~~

Night thoughts: 
Looking at the USA chart, no matter which hour, I see a Mars at 20 Gemini. I can translate that to fire/guns/killin in schools. 
Now adding to the USA chart the eclipse of Feb.26,2017, eclipse MArs is in sextile-approaching- to US MArs. Looking at the next eclipse Aug 21,17, ecl.Mar is 60* to USA MArs, this time separating. Checking Feb 15,18 eclipse , ecl.MArs is now 150 to USA SUn- disharmony with the President. Ecl. MArs is in SAG- new laws will be passed, regarding guns. IMHO.

February 21, 2018 Wednesday

Today morning at 00:21 the BTC topped at 11800 and fell. See, I wrote yesterday, that it should go above 11900... It didn't , So what happened? Nothing happens under one single event. At that moment we had several events: Sky:

I sold yesterday, not at the top, but since I was not next to the computer, I just cashed out, and put in a buy at a much lower level. Still waiting.. I might lower the order. 

Where are now the planets? See the list of yesterday, the Moon is Taurus.It is exalted ~lazy~ in this sign, and departing from the Sun. 

Today is a CIT day for the DAX, Gold, AEX, Ltc,BTC, Soya. 

I sent a lot of alerts, so now off to the gym. Take care.. 
Not only Mitt Romney got eclipsed. Shlomo Filber, Netanyahu's 20 year friend, the minister of communication, turned to state witness. COuld he help it? No. He was eclipsed by the last Moon eclipse. 

The chart above is a SOlar chart. The Eclipse triggered his MC, and eclipse Mercury was just about to enter the house of justice and law! A signal for the future. The eclipse occurred on Jan 31st, and he was arrested yesterday, with 6 other "big-shots". 
But, Netanyahu waved off AGAIN all charges, seems that like any other " teflon" people- I mean with a stellium in LIbra, is not touched by the events. People fall around him, he stands up. Still. Incredible. I am not for or against him, but I admire his resilience,  power to stand. 

Another person on the stage is Nir Hefetz: Netanyahu's media advisor. SOlar chart, no time of birth, See how transit Uranus triggered his Directed MC! 

But, with all these people falling around him the one we should look at is Sara. 

But let me draw you a scenario...What we hear lately in the news is, that the palestinians are giving up to a 2 state arrangement, and now they want to become Israeli  citizens; with equal rights and everything. Abu Mazen, Said Ariquat both talked about it. Annecting land is under talks, and absorbing them into Israel. Bibi was talking with Trump about this, and later denied. If so, in 30-40 years the arabs will outnumber jewish residents, and the outcome is clear. Just like the muslim infiltration to Europe- which is already doomed, will happen here. Uranus enters Taurus. Uranus is revolution, something unprecedented, and unforeseen. Taurus stand for lands. This happens in May 2018. So if these talks will come alive and happen, all the issues against Bibi will be dropped, because he brought peace. This will be really incredible. 
On the other hand, looking at Abu Mazen's chart, as you see, he too was "eclipted". And he is 82.86 years old, and very sick. Transit Uranus will conjunct his natal Uranus- that is rare to survive. Directed Uranus is on natal Pluto! VERY bad aspect. 
Bibi has Directed Pluto on his Sun- which is there to stay... Very difficult aspect! Transit Uranus is in opposition his LIbra stellium, and his Mars was eclipsed on Feb 15th. Again , I don't know how is he still standing and smiling. 

February 20, 2018 Tuesday

Neptune is Pisces also points to oil. Neptune is in Pisces since march 2012. However, what happened yesterday only, and not in 2012? A big gas contract was signed with Egypt. As a consequence all the related shares jumped 
So what happened yesterday, specifically, that made it possible? Mercury came into conjunction to the Sun, and they are in Pisces together with venus and Neptune. Usually oil and gas shares rally when the markets falls/ corrects. Well, now both are rallying. Which will blink first? Don't forget, Mercury in Pisces is fake news! and as they ran up, so can they fall. 

OK. The Bitcoin made a nice rally yesterday, it completes 5500 points from the low- on Feb 6th. Should go now above Jan.19-29 tops then it consolidated between 10200- 11900. Technically it makes a V pattern. 
here is an interesting pattern to follow: ADA- Cardano- consolidates for 13 days! 

Gold: if you have my app. Aren't you happy now?? It dropped with a gap! And we are short since last week!... 
Today it's a CIT day for AORD, DAX futures, HSI. 
hsi: is above both MA's 50, 200:

NIFTY: Trades between them: 
The emotions of the VIX are behind us... or aren"t?? Technically it is above the MA's so for a long term trader, stop is 14. 


I wish happy birthday to Ivana Trump, she's 69 today. 
News in the sky today:: The Moon is in Aries.- conjuncts Uranus soon. Aspects for intraday trades: GMT;00:00 

20.02.2018  3:46:53 20°23'23"Ari Square Pluto
20.02.2018 13:11:18 25°33'57"Ari Conjunction Uranus
20.02.2018 21:11:39  0°00'00"Tau <<<
21.02.2018  1:16:11  2°16'04"Tau Sextile Sun
21.02.2018  7:12:14  5°34'55"Tau Sextile Mercury
21.02.2018  9:13:42  6°42'58"Tau Trine Saturn
21.02.2018 21:19:10 13°31'32"Tau Sextile Neptune
21.02.2018 21:22:51 13°33'37"Tau Sextile Venus
Note, that after the conjunction she'll be VOID of course till entering Taurus. 

So, do you have my weekly forecasts? Sign up now to know what's coming! 

I really hate to scare people, but I wrote in the past, that I am most afraid of the Yellowstone volcano eruption... And now this. 

Mitt Romney: I wrote about him, that he'll be in the news, on Jan 29th 2018,among the people who were hit by the Lunar eclipse at 11 Leo. I also mentioned him under people with Venus in Aquarius, on Feb. 18. He was endorsed to Utah senate seat. News from wall street journal/ 

I also wrote about Sylvester Stallone. Someone posted that he is dead. How bad people can be? He tweeted, that he's OK...

Have you heard of the pattern : " The dogs of Baskerville?" Yes, it's from a Sherlock Holmes movie... what it means, happened in the Lite coin. 


February 19, 2018 Monday

We have a major energetical turn in the sky today. The SUN moved to PISCES.

It followed Mercury, which is in detriment (weak) in this sign. Mercury in Pisces is worse than Mercury retro. Things spoken are not understood as they were, but with a subjective addition to it. Vulnerability is its middle name. Blurred and foggy. Yesterday 3 soldiers who were mending a fence to keep out people of a mine field, drove on one. Injured. That's Mercury in Pisces. AND conjunct the SUN. Misinformation of knowledge. Also Mercury will bring out more fake news.
Yesterday the alarms and sirens were shrieking again, triggered by missiles shot from GAZA. It went ashtray, no harm.
I hope my English is understandable.. LOL... So to go ashtray and be diffused is Neptune- ruling Pisces- so once the Sun and Mercury are here, this is what happens.
Mercury rules transportation, so today part of the train lines are not working, huge traffic jam all over.. The Sun and Mercury join Venus and Neptune already in Pisces. 
But, the good side of it, is it rules Pharma... and we saw that Warren Buffett bought shares of TEVA. How would this help today? I don't think that the jump will continue. 
Here is the weekly chart: Fell exactly 120 weeks, from 67 to 10. Now it should go above 38-40 in order to be a stronger long. Yeah, if you are Warren Buffett, you can buy the dip, because how far down can it fall? Will it disappear? no after all, it is a huge company. But the fame of Copaxone is over. They'll have to come up with some serious new medicine in order to rally again. 
So, technically speaking, I don't think there is any longs till October... In any case, as long as it is above 20- it's a keeper. Then you can afford to lose till 10? Be my guest. 
Here is a forecast from TS: 
Sign up for the yearly overview.. 

People and events with the SUn in Pisces: Antonio Vivaldi, Handel, G. Washington, J.Madison, A.Jackson, Victor Hugo, Alexander graham Bell, France, the II Republic, The French revolution, Albert Einstein, Robert Mugabe, Gloria Vanderbilt, Jerry Lewis, Ariel Sharon, Rupert Murdoch, E.M.Kennedy, Elisabeth Taylor, Banks closed, gold confiscation (Mar.4.1933), Michael Caine, George Harrison, Beni Begin, Yaakov Peri, Liza Minnelli, Mitt Romney, Glenn Close, Gordon Brown, Amir Peretz, Harvey Weinstein, Erdogan, S&P! , Prince Andrew, Kurt Cobain, Avi Gabbay, Haim Revivo, Reince Priebus, Nasdaq topped on 3.20,2000,  Barron Trump, Market low 3/6/2009, war in Syria 3/15/2011; Knesseth 19- 3/18/2013, etc.. 

People who have Sun, Mercury and Venus is Pisces, from my data base are much less: Nicolaus Copernicus ( Sun + Merc) , Gaby Ashkenazi, Erdogan, Kurt Cobain, Avi Gabbay and the 19th Knesset. 

It will be interesting to watch these, during the month. Don't forget, that the last Sol. eclipse occurred in Aquarius, which is the 12th sign for Pisces, a hidden house, so anything happening to all these people will be karmic,fated, they will not see it coming. 


So what else is happening in the sky? Jupiter is at 22 Scorpio- that is a bad degree, but this is no news... Looking at the midpoint table: I highlighted the important and lasting ones... D- is the asteroid Damocles. 

I use it sometimes. For example, yesterday a poor lady, 52 years old, died when Damocles was exact on her Sun! a construction crane crashed on her car! How freaking that can be??? One in a trillion for that to happen! But, it was karma for her. 
here is her chart, may she rest in peace! Born on FEB.10, 1965- she was after her birthday, by 8 days, most vulnerable time in life! Jupiter, the great benefactor- instead of helping, from the 22 degrees- the killer degree- in opposition natal Jupiter- took her life. Mars is the one to blame for sudden and deaths, also Uranus- unavoidable events! So transit Mars at 13- sextile Natal Mercury, and transit Uranus 150 to natal Mars!  And to close all the corners, Damocles on the Sun. 
Today it's a CIT for CAC, TA35. 
Presidents' day today, no trade.. So markets will be slow, waiting for GODO. 
So I preparing my breakfast and it occurs to me, that the best word for Mercury in Pisces is BLUFFING. 
So in what area in your life you are bluffing? Is it in your 7th house or marriage? is it on your Ascendant ! OH my !!! I hope it's not on your MC- career!!
Check your charts, see where is Pisces? in that area you are bluffing. 
In the Chinese astrology we just entered the year of the DOG
BTC: is rising, but not so the volume!

February 18, 2018 Sunday 

Market is almost closing. We are now at 1498.69- 0.69 higher than today's high... The Moon entered Aries. As powerful as it may be here, for SOME indices it signals for a turn. I wrote SOME, because each index has its own first trade date, and as people are different, act different and feel different, so are the shares. In a mundane chart, I would look out for fights, accidents, crashes,= as the Moon moves towards Uranus. - at 25 Aries. 

Besides us, the Cryptos trade today. If we trade the Bitcoin, we have to be prepared for big corrections. Here is a graph I posted on Dec.23, 2017 

We see the corrections it made: 41%, 40%, 32%, 46%. - I should update this, since we already saw 6000... But what I want to say is, if you cannot be in this volatile market, don't be. If you go to coinmarketcap, you can see which crypto is based on BTC, or ETH  or other. So if BTC falls, these will fall too. and vice versa. One MUST know technical analysis, at least, if not astrology, to know what he/she sees when looking at a graph. 
I teach that.. 
The other important thing to check when one trades a Crypto, is HOW MANY COINS are there in the market? How fast are the mined? The more, it's worse... price will never rally. 
I have many small ones, and I wish I knew all this when I bought them.. 
Example: Stellar- XLM - volume is fading out... current supply is 18 billion, Max supply is 100. SO there will be more of these.. probably its price will fall. Start date is listed 19 July 2013.
SO I will make all the math and analysis, and astro I can, to keep above water. But if it goes below my buy, I don't care who says what and why... I just drop it. there are thousand others to ride. Most important thing, not to fall in love with any share or crypto. 

Astrology is a million time more difficult, so at least, one should know technical analysis, and some math.. 
With all that, don't you think I don't lose sometimes, or I am not wrong sometimes.... Oh yes, I am... and I try to learn from the mistakes, or from the aspects not taken in consideration. 
In the alerts I am giving in the app, all are based on planetary cycles, a system, I learned, and added to it, and made it special. So, sticking to the stops, it is almost impossible to lose. Self discipline is the name of the game. 


World financial markets and astrology: New Moon in Capricorn , 2018

World financial markets and astrology: New Moon in Capricorn , 2018: Between January 18 to February 15, 2018  Thanks for following from the former article. The events of the Lunar months are:  1...


New Moon in Capricorn , 2018

Between January 18 to February 15, 2018 

Thanks for following from the former article.

The events of the Lunar months are: 
18.01.2018     Aqr Venus
20.01.2018     Aqr Sun
26.01.2018     Sgr Mars- brought major corrections in the past !
31.01.2018     Aqr Mercury
31.01.2018     Total Lunar eclipse at 11 leo/Aquarius axis, 
11.02.2018     Psc Venus
The aspects between the planets are shown here: 

You can read former articles here:
2016; fell on 7.59 Capricorn on Dec 28, 2016
2015; 18 Cap, on Jan 10th 2016
2014  0 Cap, on Dec 22, 2014
2013: 21 Cap, on Dec 11,2013

So I promised you a story about Venus in Aquarius. 
Venus represents women and love. Aquarius stands for universal love, freedom. Since the ruler of Aquarius is Uranus, and this rules aviation, it tells the story of women loving aviation. Ha?? did I link it for you? So we have a " situation" here in Israel now. We had 2 days ago, the first woman aviation commander. This is the highest honor one can get. But, nothing is smooth in our places.. Since Aquarius is also ruled by Saturn- old, restriction- the rabbis stood up against this, saying that a woman is a donkey, should stay in the kitchen under a burka,yes yes, here too, they are losing it..They called the chief commander to resign. That was yesterday. Today they apologized. 
Crazy times. But, it's getting worse here. Religious addiction is spreading. 
Venus is Aquarius is not emotional, since the air signs are not. Not that they don't like relationships, but they need space and freedom of body and mind. No emotional scenes, please, they can't bare them! Talk to their minds, they'll understand and debate on the issue. "Love me for my brains, not for my looks. Sometimes seem cold and distant. They attract people who admire this in them.
They are open minded- sexually as well. Looking into the future, are rebellious, unique and teasing, friendly to everyone, but to to one in particular. They get bored quickly, cannot stand shallowness. 

England has its Venus in Aquarius... doesn't it fit the Brits? Let's have a tea and discuss it.. 
Mozart! Would you believe it? 
Woodrow Wilson, Evangeline Adams, F.D.Roosevelt, Marlene Dietrich, Jerry Lewis, Ariel Sharon, Rupert Murdoch, Stephen Hawking, Muhammad Ali, Carole King, Ehud Barak,Mitt Romney, Elton John, Haider Jorg, Mark Spitz, Oprah Winfrey, James Comey, Arie Derei, Scaramucci, Nicholas Cage, KKK, Matteo Renzi, etc.

For the newcomers: my services are:  Natal chart reading/$300, 2018 forecast for Cryptocurrencies, or any other commodity or index or share: $ 540 each, with quarterly updates. The weekly market report based on technical analysis, cycles, and math: $155/ month; $465 for 3 months or $840 /6 months. Please send me a mail to gabymitt@gmail.com and I shall send you a payment request form from PayPal, or click on Paypal at the left panel. There too you will find a link to download my app., where I give mostly intraday alerts.
February 16, 2018 Friday

Moon in Aquarius delivered, and we got a higher high again. From January 28th to Feb 9 there are 13 days. From Feb 9 plus 13 days we get Feb 22. Will we see 2878 till then ? or higher? The low was 2530- this is the support for swings. For intraday I would use planetary calculations- which are in the weekly report. 

I am starting a new article, as I always do, on a New Moon; but just before we turn the page, let's close this chapter of the Florida shooting. Now,that I got the right data. 
So Nikolas Cruz and younger brother were orphans, adopted by the Cruz family. Both parents died~ the mother last November~ and they were living with family? not sure... He liked guns, and when the event occurred, "all the students knew it must be him". The FBI warned that he is dangerous... but nothing was done on the matter. Briefly what I read about him. On valentines day he goes to the school that expels him, turns on the fire alarm, all the students pour out from the classes, and he, with a gas mask on- so no one could identify him ~hmmm~ starts shooting. One student told reporters that her life was spared. So he was not so kokooo after all. Also to plan all this, and do it, shows a very clever boy. If it was him, who did it. I don't  know or beleive anything now... So let's look at his chart: ( Solar chart)
I learned from  Nikola Stojanovic, that the 22nd degree is a killer degree. Well, in this chart we see Venus, Mars and Saturn at 21.54. Rather close, but not exact. Then it shows a YOD from Saturn to the Sun and Pluto. The second chart is a Directed chart for the event. Directed Neptune is on the Midpoint of Saturn-Pluto- was he on some medications? the third chart is the transit. And there, Jupiter at 22 degrees, shows the outcome and the preparations made- since Jupiter conjunct the Moon ( in Scorpio) or even before - the Sun. 
There are other aspects and angles as well, as prenatal eclipses triggered... etc.. etc... 

Mass shootings in the USA 

maybe someone will make a research if there is a pattern here? 
To tell you the truth, I am less and less on FB, I cannot stand the language, the hatred that is out there... So I try to concentrate on my own work and issues.. 
Like now, I am going to swimming lessons with my grandchildren... that's a joy! 

So be good, and trade successfully. Don't forget there is a world outside the screens ! 

Will be back later with the NEW MOON in AQUARIUS. 
Keeping score: On April 7th 2017 I wrote about Jacob Zuma, President of South AfricaRemember Mars in 19 degrees? ( Aug.21.17 Eclipse)  Well, it will affect South Africa as well. Someone posted a question about Jacob ZUMA, their president, so I had to check what is going on in his chart. In lack of an hour, I use Solar chart, the SUn on the Asc. Transit Jupiter is across his Sun - BAD, since Jupiter is weak in Libra. But, worst is transit Saturn 150^ to natal Saturn. His reign is coming to an end. 
With yesterday's transits : Natal Sun at 21 Aries, ruled by Mars, at 21 Gemini- was triggered by transit Jupiter andt 22 Scorpio and the Moon, just a few hours before the eclipse.  
Transit Neptune on his Pisces stellium- just dissolved everything it stands for. Uranus on the ASC.!! Major. but since I have no time of birth, this can vary. 
Tr.Mars at 12 SAG- end of a cycle. 

February 15, 2018 Thursday 

Yesterday turned out to be a very volatile day, and we got not only my targets, but we entered a new up cycle. Mind you, till we don't see higher highs than 2827, it is just a correction. The Moon is still in Aquarius. I wrote, that when in this sign, brings a top or low for the S&P. Seems that this time it'll be a top. We are a few hours before the New Moon and the Solar eclipse. So still everything can happen. 

Yesterday's Mars brought its killer effect, this time in Florida. 17 students were murdered by a former student who was expelled. I think this number will grow as news will pour in. Many wounded... How horrible! I heard on the TV, that this was the 18th attack in US schools only in 2018! 

My post on FB:
Sad news this morning: the 18th shooting in 2018, in the USA, that took so far 17 lives. February 14th was the 45th day of the year, no. adds up to 9- ruled by Mars. 2/14/2018 also adds up to 9. Yesterday was a Wednesday, ruled by Mercury- ruler of students, and we got a terror attack ( Mars) targeting students.
Looking at the chart of Florida, transit Mars, triggers the SUn, and more. The South Node on Saturn ( ruler of the 8th, house of death).
Florida ~ March 3, 1845~ has a stellium in Aquarius, Mercury at 27 degrees, which represents students, being the ruler of the natural 3rd house, and got the Eclipse in full.
Transit Damocles in the 8th adds to the horror.
My condolences to the families... R.I.P.

Remember the Charlie Hebdo terror attack in Paris, January 7, 2015? Mars was at 26 Aqua. - it will be triggered again.

Remember Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius- from Johannesburg? some news about him or the case will come again, under this eclipse.

I made a search to see who, from my database has a planet at 26-28 Aquarius:
I came up with the chart of Hizballah- officially founded on Feb 16th 1985- as posted by Robert Blaschke.
It shows a Sun at 27 Aqua, Mercury at 25, MC at 29 and Damocles close, at 2 Pisces. The time is set for noon- gives Asc. at 19 Gem. 
Besides the Sol. Ecl. Their Saturn is at 27 Scorpio, this too will be triggered by a square from the eclipse. 
So, let's see what will this year bring.


Back to the markets: 
The Gold jumped. If  you have the app, you had your stop at 1320- and I gave targets on 2/12. All targets were filled. Raise stop to 1356. yes, close. below that there is no support till 1345.
LTC: Rallied from 156- should go above 246!!! 
The 10 year bond between Obama presidency ( 2009-2017) rallied by 54% 

11:50 am Sold my LiteCoins @230. Nice trip! Did not go to 246.... so I sold. Will wait for it at the bottom again. 
Gate.io is a good platform to trade. 
BTC: fell from 9950, I am expecting to see a price level at 8860. Let's see. 


February 14, 2018 Wednesday
The sky is rather stable. The Moon is only 18 degrees from the Sun, tomorrow she'll be conjunct and we'll have the Solar Eclipse and the New Moon. Venus forms a sextile to Saturn, and Jupiter is STILL 150 to Uranus. 
it is a day ruled by Mars and Mercury. Volatility is its middle name. 
it's a turning day for IBEX, WIG20, ETH. 
People who turn one year wiser today: Michael Bloomberg, Mark Rutte etc. 
It is the 45th day of the year! This is important.... 
Today is 540 weeks from Oct 11, 2007 top which was at 1576.25. Former top was at 1557.5- on Sept 5, 2000-= 270 weeks before. 
Now, if we closed at 2656 today, that would be a perfect symmetry! 
Another kind of math points from 665.79 lew to 2663.16 target. 

For the DAX: last major top was on Dec.28, 2007- till today 528 weeks passed- exact;y. The price was 8100. Now it is at 12196. - Should close today at 12240 - for a perfect math closure. 

In the fundamental world two events or three to look out for: Dax- at 9 am- and US markets before the opening.. 


Oh... and happy Valentine day.! With Venus in Pisces, it's a perfect day... The Moon is in Aquarius thou, so not everything is perfect.. 
TA35: SEE YESTERDAY'S POST ! and the outcome 

Major event in Netaniahu's life yesterday, for bribery... So looking at his chart, his second house opens in Capricorn, and Saturn is in the 9th house of laws- transit Mercury was at 22 Deg. yesterday... 

He waved off the accusations, and till anything will come out of it, it'll take a more than a year. He sees himself running and winning again in 2019. 

On Feb. 12th I wrote about my fear that some kind of war or aggression will culminate in Feb or March. 
I ran TS to see what it comes up with... 
last major fight we had was Operation Zuk Eitan in 2014 

I hope I am wrong . 

last alert for the Litecoin was to go long above 162: 

BTC: last alert was: 

February 13, 2018 Tuesday

I am reading a mail, saying, that the Cryptocurrency market reached 420 Billion. Just keeping' score.
It's raining outside... 
The Moon conjuncts Pluto in Cap.
I have a rather large list of indices, shares, commodities and cryptos that I am following. The most that rallied since yesterday is CANF: target is 4.29 ~  if it runs above 2.77 
We have a positive arbitrage for CANF and RDHL- NANO is not doing well. 

TA35: closed at 1468.50- broke support, and it's raining... so let's see :) ... what happens in one hour. 
AAPL: Between the tow bottoms we have 137 days. From the last top , Jan 18th we have 22 days.  Yesterday it tried for a correction. SHould go above 165- to be serious... Top was 180, I don't think we'll see this number this month.. 
The same goes for all shares that fell and reversed on Feb 9! Keep your stops tight! the eclipse is near. 

Sign up for the yearly forecasts for the Gold, Oil, Dow, anything you trade! See how will the year enfold... 

February 12, 2018 Monday

The date adds up to 16. This is a number that points to a major volatile day! In particular for the Gold, AEX, DAX, BTC, LTC, Soya. 
Let's see the DAX ( spot) - which gives the tone for Europe: It melted down from 13597 to 12000, former low was 11869. This is the " last straw".... now, Falling below this line, will mean a major short. Those who have my app, are already short since January 25th, 13440!  That is 10.70% gain! which is HUGE for the DAX. 
2:00 pm. very busy sending alerts, and writing about the eclipse... Sent 24 alerts till now. 

I am looking at the Feb 15, 2018 Partial Solar eclipse, that will be a "closure" for the Aug 21, 2017 Great American eclipse, as US astrologers like to call it. 

Why a closure? Because it comes exactly in opposition. The August eclipse triggered Trump and Netanyahu's Mars. Interesting how these two "tango" together. If I read some alarming news about Trump, immediately there will be one on Bibi. 
It is interesting, that the Feb 15th eclipse will trigger the International monetary Fund Mars, and Holland's Saturn. Will have to check what that means. 
But, as you probably heard in the news, the area is getting warmer, after we shot down an Iranian drone, and they shot down an F 16!! Which is incredible... Did not happen for 36 years to have one of our aircrafts shot down. The pilots are well. Actually they are recovering in the hospital, and in the next room lies a Syrian civilian, who we rescued. 
So I was looking into the Aries ingress for Israel and Iran. What can I tell you? It doesn't look good. I am afraid we are in to a war. 
The Aries ingress chart gives a clue for the whole year. Sun at 0 Aries. Actually, the daylight saving time starts on Mars 23, at 2:00 am, and that chart changes this one... But we cannot cheat. So we see here ( inner wheel) Israel with Sco. rising,and Outer wheel is the Aries ingress, with Libra rising, at 7 degrees, with Mercury, Venus Uranus in the 7th. 
Note, that Israel's Mars was " eclipted on Aug.21, 2017!! So it plays out now, and since. Mars, the one that starts wars, is conjunct Jupiter, and in opposition Venus, that rules our enemies. So yes, there is a high possibility, that there will be some military action this year. The effect of the eclipse lasts a year. Most disturbing position has Uranus! It is solitary, and that is bad! Ingress Saturn is in opposition ingress MC- so this might strengthen Netanyahu's position, who has been under police investigation for the last year. 

Now looking at Iran's chart- for April 1, 1979 We see the Sun on March 20th is just passing the 8th house of death. There they have 4 planets! Neptune is there- so it is really very blurry and fuzzy the whole picture. Their government is ruled by Venus, and the MC is at 0 Taurus. Now this is interesting! because Uranus will conjunct that point in May- and that will shake their govt.- IMHO - 
Oh! Mars will be OOB! 

Times to watch: Feb 20-23; March 22-25
Any thoughts, ideas?? 

People who have planets/ asteroids at 27 Aquarius/ Leo ~ therefore will be affected by the upcoming Solar eclipse: 

Khamenei: Damocles is at 27 Aquarius! 
Lee Myung Bak- Damocles at 24.54 Aquarius
Ehud barak : Damocles at 27 Aqua. 
Wolfgang Schwabe: Damocles at 27 Aqua. 
Prince Charles: Part of Fortune at 27 Aqua.! 
Jeremy Corbyn - Sat. at 29 Leo- 
Modi: Jupiter at 29 Aqua. 
SHinzo Abe: Pluto at 25 Leo. 
Mariano Rajoy: Venus at 26 Aqua 
Khaled Mashal: Pluto at 28 Leo, Mars at 26 Aqua.- both will be triggered by the eclipse. 
Theresa May : Moon+ Pluto, POF at 28-29 Leo- 
Hassan Nasrallah: Chiron at 29 Aqua. 
Obama : South Node at 28 Aqua! 
Timothy Geithner- 3 planets and the NN eclipsed in Aug! 
Orban Victor: mars and POF at 28 Leo! 
Kim JOng Un : Damocles at 26 Aqua. 


February 11, 2018 Sunday. 

We wake to a very nice and blue sky. They said it'll rain as of tomorrow. Curious to see if the markets will go down, as of tomorrow with the rain... Sometimes the market is in harmony with weather. Not a trading advice, for sure...

So let's look at the sky: Venus just entered Pisces ( water sign)- here it is exalted. Showing the " other cheek". Here Venus shows the most romantic side of her. Venus "dissolves" itself in Pisces. It is good to have a partner with this position, but not so for the markets. For trade we need promptness and not dreaming. Venus in Pisces can suffocate the other. It has no boundaries, never knows when to stop, lives in an imaginary world. While, the wake up will be extremely painful, and revengeful ( Virgo is in opposition). Reminds me of the song " Killing me softly.. 
I think people with Venus is Pisces behave sometimes as victims, they are an easy pray, and will do anything to be loved. Some playing it "the underdog", others taking it by force. Love is the major issue for them. 
Luckily, with the years, planets move, and some one born with a Pisces Venus, in the next 30 years will have it, in the directed chart in Aries, in 60 years in Taurus, in 90, in Gemini... In these signs they will still have the "victimised" background, but they will grow out of it, and act with Aries, or Taurus forces to mend themselves. 

People with Venus in Pisces: ( surely, the explanation about persons depends on the house Venus rules) : The Queen, Victor Hugo, Billie Holiday, Hugh Hefner, Maya Angelou, Shirley MACLaine, David Frost, Barbara Streisand, George Harrison, Diana Ross, Erdogan, Beata Sydlo, Avi Gabbay, etc.. 

besides Venus, we have  the Moon, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Saturn will conjunct Pluto only in 2020- till then it'll make several retros. Saturn stands for order, restrictions. It will block- if triggered! melt downs, that Venus might let happen. 
Jupiter is 150 to Uranus, but this aspect is here for quite a while now. 
Mars is at 9 Sag. approaching a square to Neptune. 
So here is the sky for this week. What all these mean, together with the eclipse, - well... that in my weekly forecast. 

Today we are under the energies of the Sun and Venus. 

Our market closed at 1478, we have a negative arbitrage. 
I see for the BITCoin, ETH, LTC, Ripple, shorts were triggered- see alerts sent yesterday! 
I don't know if you saw on FB, I  posted a site, where the new "crypto language" is used... So someone made a typo a while ago, wrote " HODL" instead of HOLD- so now all crypto traders are using HODL. " are you a HODLER?- meaning holding in spite of falls? LOL... 
There are some funny words there.. more expressions. If you are not a crypto trader, you'll never know what they are talking about. 

DAVID FROST: The road not taken : 

The Road Not Taken Launch Audio in a New Window
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

This poem I knew by heart in high school: 

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farmhouse near
Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake.
The only other sound’s the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


February 9, 2018 Friday

As advised yesterday, we got a turn.WHAT  a turn! S&P fell to 2580- under the Moon in Scorpio and early Sag! Watch these signs... there is always some action! We got the first fall on Jan 26th, when Mars entered Sag. It should be a positive sign, well, for personal readings that's what it is, but not for the market. We also had math backing the turn, so all together, it was a great short. The stop given on 2.7th was 2662- so a short was triggered, and we gained - 80-90 points. Of course, if you are an intraday trader, and you use a tight MA, you went short even below 2717 on the 8th. ( 15 min graph, MA 13) 
Lower stop to 2632. - See alerts. 

Today again a volatile day! We have Uranus on stage. we also have, right now- 10 am, Moon conjunct Mars. 
Jupiter at the 22 degrees in Scorpio. - approaching a disharmonic aspect to Uranus. So, bottom line. Tighten stops. Correction to the downside is not complete! 


Pls. check out the alerts for the USA markets. 
Today is a CIT for KLSE, NIkkei, Nifty. 

Good trading!  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

February 8, 2018 Thursday 

It is a day ruled by Jupiter. The Moon conjuncts it at 21 Scorpio. Today is also 13 ( Fibonacci no) from Jan 26th fall. The bells are ringing for a turn. Let's see what is the East doing? 

AORD: Rose from 5893 to 6000; last time, in JUne that it bottomed, took 130 days to over come the shock, and rally... 
Axjo: is far from reaching the targets given in the alerts. 
I see all short targets given in teh app were reached. Check out the new alerts! 
I posted now 15 alerts. I see all the markets turned on the 6th. It was a turning day- read below.... 
What next?? 
As I wrote... If the stops break- given in the alerts just now- we will see another down leg 

More alerts to be sent... so 


February 7, 2018 Wednesday

A very volatile day ahead!  It is a day ruled by Mercury, and it is the 38th day of the year. Double reason for volatility. The Moon entered Scorpio, - third reason. the Moon squares the nodes, 4th.  The anchor is Helio Mars 60^ Saturn. However, their position might be far for some indices. 

As advised yesterday in the app- all cryptos reached given targets. See the next ones later... most go to the gym. 

February 6, 2018 Tuesday. 

We had another bleeding day yesterday. I can't find a better word for it. It is now the second week of falls, since January 26th, when all started. The S&P fell by 6.82% from the top. 
Let's make order, in the line of the events that brought this deep correction: 
1) Geocentric Mars enters Sag on Jan 26th- see list of events posted in the opening paragraph. On the 26th the Moon was at 27 Taurus, void, in opposition Jupiter, and Mercury conjunct Pluto in Cap.( Helio Mars in opposition Uranus! happened before ( with Uranus in Aries on June 2-9, 1933-)
We need to have a chain of events that cause something. 
2) Next: Jan 30th - we got a gap down: under a Perigee Moon. ( Heliocentric chart: Merc 0^ Saturn).
3) Jan 31: Lunar eclipse: this is major event! See my post from that day. ( Helio: Jupiter squares Earth)
4) Feb 1: Mercury enters Aquarius; Sun conj. South Node! ( major malefic).( Helio: Mars 135^ Neptune).
5) Feb 2: Red marabuzo: 1.70% fall in 1 day! Helio: Earth 150 Neptune, Mars 135 Neptune, Earth squares Vesta.)
6) Feb 5: Second red Marabuzo: 3.2% fall. Trendline running from Aug.21- brakes. A 50% Fibonacci correction would push it down to 2644. So far we have 203 points fall. In the sky: Sun is still conjunct the South Node., Moon in opposition Uranus! at 22^ ( killer degree) in LIbra. ( Helio: Mars enters Scorpio' still in opposition Uranus).

Yesterday was a day that adds up to 9; end of cycle, ruled by Mars, which is in Sag in Geo, and in Scorpio in Helio, both point down. 
The correction is not over yet. 
here is the daily graph : 
Looking at the Gann wheel, from Jan 26th top- 2878- we get the targets on the cross:

I seldom use this tool. I rely more on the planetary calculations, which I teach in my course, and the alerts I send are based on it. 

The Dow- broke first support, posted yesterday. 

So what's next? 

Going to pilates, back later.. 

I sent a lot of alert till now today. Against all odds, Bloomberg blubbering etc... the markets are green. We have a day ruled by the Sun, and it is a turning day for the S&P, AXJO, DOW, Dax future, Nasdaq, Nyse, Gold Futures  Corn, Ripple Bitcash and TEVA. 

Check out the alerts!! Stops and targets in there. 

February 5, 2018 Monday

I woke up rather late. It's already 8 am. The Sun is shining, it'll be a warm way again. No sign of rain, no change in the sky. I am listening to the "voice of music" channel. Everything is tranquille. 
Not so in the markets! Red red red... Chiron is 30^ to Uranus. Someone wrote on FB, it is the 10 years' cycle end... from 2008- 2018. Only that the low was in 2009... but the paper doesn't care. 
There are two aspects in the sky that I can think about causing this correction: 1) Sun conjunct the South Node and Venus square Jupiter. 
In the Heliocentric chart we see Mars entering Scorpio. Now this is a major event! Will be in this sign too April 6th. Will the markets fall till then? No. We will have other moves, that will correct this one. I analyze all these in my weekly reports. 

In those reports I also use math. 
Take for ex. the QQQ. Bottom was at 25.63. Some math calculations give me a target at 168. Now we are short below it. Target 164.76- 164.5
Since 1999 ~ 10 times was Helio Mars in Scorpio, out of that, 8 times it went up. Only in 2016, 2014 down. So TS shows, that the average move during this position is 1.9% up. Surely we don't trade averages, and we stick to the stops. So, swing traders will be short below the last top, intraday, can use 164.5 as a stop - long above and short below. 
I had to check how did the QQQ- behave inder Mars in Sag? And it is i n c r e d i b l e ! 
Mars in Sag. cycle does not work for the DOW though! 

OK. Our market is starting let me check, what's happening over here. 


Note: On January 18th I posted ingresses of planets. Mars entered Sag. and the corrections began.  Just keeping score! 
I think the only share that is still rising is Amazon. AMZN. Bottomed at 500, Topped at 1500. ( so far). Nice investment, if you had it! Support now is at 1450 ( planets wise)  or 1385 technically. 

Looking at the US Banks, all made former bottom on Jan 3rd or 8th, so breaking that low- will mean a really bearish market. Till then, Correction! 
The Israeli banks bottomed on Jan 9-10th- breaking those lows, will mean double shorts. 
BTC- again... see the steps down- Fibo 2 - would be at 7437

 February 4, 2018 Sunday

Good morning, It's going to be 23 C* today, nice and warm. We have the Moon in harmonious Libra, in sextile to Mars. WIll this position help with the negative arbitrage that we have now? We'll see. 
It is a day under the energy of Saturn; which is at 4 Capricorn. we don't have much action today, so just follow the alerts and the reports. 
I was playing with Ethereum today, Curious to see which day brings the strongest rally. TS can do that. 
Sundays: average   0.7% down
Mondays: "      "       2.2% up
Tuesdays: "     "       1.7% up
Wednesdays:          0.3% up 
Thursdays:  "     "     0.1% up
Fridays:   '       "       0.6% up 
Saturdays: "      "     0.4% up. 
Interesting.. I was sure Sunday was the strongest day. 
You can order now the report for the ETH, or LTC, or BTC, to see where are they heading!
On June 5, 2017 I uploaded Gaddafi's prophecy to the western world. Now I see this on FB: 

February 3, 2018 Saturday. 

I am writing my weekly forecasts. While I am waiting for the machine to calculate stuff, here are my thoughts on the Bitcoin: failing to reach any of the targets in blue, bull fall back!  
On Jan 31st. I sent alerts for the cryptos we are following. All stops were broken and we went short. Yesterday there was an attempt to turn, as I see it now, it is a weak one. 
If you are in intraday trader, could gain entering at the low, 8300, it ran up to 9200.(BTC). Now at 8640. Sundays are the strong days when the cryptos move. I guess people are at home and trading. In any case my forecast for the BTC shows a weakness all February. There are opportunities, but we won't see a 263% rally!. 

February 2, 2018 Friday

The first degree to remember for 2018, is 11 Leo. Whenever a planet will send an angle to this point, we should see a CIT. The Lunar Eclipse was here. 
Now the Moon is in Virgo. we are after the Full Moon, and she's approaching the Sun. 
The cryptos are falling. All the market is under pressure. 
I hope you took good advantage of the alerts sent during the week. 

This week we read " Itro" in the Bible. Jethro in English. This is an extremely important chapter! We learn from it, - how Moses took Jethro's advice, to name judges and sub-judges to take away the burden from him.

 Moses asks Jethro, how can I choose, who will be the best judges? We receive the explanation from the Zohar: and he answers: 1) from the hair, by the forehead, by the face, by the eyes, by the mouth, by the lines in the hand." Thus we have for the first time use of face reading and palm reading mentioned in the Bible and in the Zohar. 
People born under this chapter, this week, will be great advisors.

Shabbat shalom .

February 1, 2018 Thursday. 

We wave good bye to January 2018, never to come back again. Its last gift was a stable interest rate. 1.50% . The 5 years bond fell by 0.7, the 10 years went up with 0.13%. 
The Dollar fell by 15.2% since Jan 2017.
News in the sky: as you can see in the opening paragraph, Mercury entered Aquarius yesterday. How was the eclipse? Is everyone all right??? 

The S&P made a bottom, reached the target exactly- given in the weekly report, and recuperated. 

Watch the Nikkei! New rally is enfolding. 
Among the cryptos the Ethereum is the first runner up. Now at 1147. If you followed the alerts, you are now on the gaining side

Any more "bumpers" in the next days, weeks? Sign up to the weekly reports! :)  


February: The Roman month Februarius was named after the Latin term februum, which means purification, via the purification ritual Februa held on February 15 (full moon) in the old lunar Roman calendar. January and February were the last two months to be added to the Roman calendar, since the Romans originally considered winter a monthless period. They were added by Numa Pompilius about 713 BC. February remained the last month of the calendar year until the time of the decemvirs (c. 450 BC), when it became the second month. At certain intervals February was truncated to 23 or 24 days, and a 27-day intercalary month, Intercalaris, was inserted immediately after February to realign the year with the seasons.

The flower of the month is the Violet .
The stone of the month is the Ametist. 

It is interesting, that it is called the month of purification.
Here, and in the USA, there are a lot of issues that can be named under this event, don't you think so? 
It is Jupiter ( justice) in Scorpio ( secrets)- out in the open air. 
"With a little help from my friends".... Saturn in Capricorn. 

Bitcoin: fell below 10000- seems to me it will touch 8 even the 7ish levels. 

On this day in history: 
1327 Edward III is coronated King of England. 
1587: Elizabeth I - signs the warrant of execution on Mary Queen of Scots. 

January 31, 2018 Wednesday

Some readers notified me, that they cannot see my alerts. I searched in Google how to do it.

How do you turn on notifications on Android?
To enable or disable push notifications at the Android system level:

On your Android device, tap Apps > Settings > MORE.
Tap Application manager > DOWNLOADED.
Tap on the "Financial Alerts" app.
Select or clear the check box next to Show notifications to enable or disable push notifications.

Then, I would choose a special sound/ ring/ wistle for only this app. 
and you are done! 
The same on Iphone. 
If still doesn't work, delete and download it again. Of course you can always check manually if there is anything new under Alerts. Usually I post on Mondays, Tuesdays, and if there is anything urgent and I am by the computer, on other days as well. 

Today is the famous super Moon, or Blue Moon. As I wrote, it's effect lasts for 6 months at least, and it triggers planets and houses and issues, that are around 11 degrees. 
On Feb 15th we will have the first Solar eclipse, that lasts for 1 year. 
There are so many posts and articles on eclipses, that frighten people, I wonder how did we survived at least 150 eclipses ( 3/ year till age 50)... till now? and even more? What we don't know doesn't hurt us. Right? But, if you are already an astrologer and you know what is happening in your chart, you also know, when they pass. 
So what's new today? 
In the Geocentric chart there aren't much moves. Right now the Moon moves to Leo. We still have now for a month the Uranus 45 Neptune and the Sun on the South Node! This is an ugly position. 
let's look at the Heliocentric chart: here we have a picture, that shows the correction we have now in the markets. 

When Mars arrived exactly in opposition to Uranus, we got a top and turn. In teh same time Jupiter is squaring the Earth; and today, Mercury moves on from a conjunction to Saturn. Saturn is the time Lord. Mercury is the trade... As fast as Mercury leaves Saturn, we should see a recuperation. See the degrees- Mars- Uranus is at 27-28 degrees. My calculations are based on these. 

Now let's widen our perspective: the Uranian chart. See the colored planets, they are the so called Uranian planets. On Jan 25th, when we got the top and turn  the Sun was 150^ to Hades.  I would use Kronos ( Time) and Hades for the markets. 

So far all this is theory. What should be done now, is to see where were all these planets at the tops of 2007, 2000, and back, each index with it's own tops. Good researching! 


We see a deep correction in the cryptos. A few days ago, I wrote, that I would wait for month end to buy any. Let's see what will today and tomorrow bring. All the alerts were triggered,- short wise. From all the indices, shares, etc I follow only these are green: 
One of these is Zimbabwe, remember, I wrote about the uprising? Well, I would not call it green.. 
JKSE: has no stops.. 
People turn to the Gold, when markets tumble. Will post alert later. 

RDHL: I gave you on Jan 18th: 34% up- and it still did not close the gap! Target 6.84-87-7.04. 
NNDM: wasn't so rosy... Ran up but reversed, false alarm. 

The S&P: corrected exactly 60 points; from 2878 to 2818. Now let's see, if the Lunar eclipse will reverse this "shake out". 
10:00 am : Sent so far 17 alerts! Check the app. 
I always look at the volumes before I buy anything. Quietly the cryptos are turning. 

WATCH IT AROUND 9 PM Fed announcements !!!! Fed rate is now 1.50%- like in Oct. 2008;.

5 years bonds:  above 100 next: 103. 
10 years bond: Ishares Lehman

January 30,2018 Tuesday 

Tuesday is the day, when it is written in the Bible, that God was satisfied of what he/she saw, TWICE. Not sure if he/she was aware, of the perigee Moon we are having today. 
But, it should be a good day. We are under the vibration of Venus and Mars. Venus is at 15 Aquarius, separating from the South Node, which brought a correction last night in the US, and most of the markets. I hope you used the stops I gave you in the app, and in the weekly reports! 

Mars, is at 2 Sag- as you can see in the chart above, it is 30^ from Saturn. 
But, the major event that occurred yesterday in the sky was in the Heliocentric chart: Mars-Uranus opposition. 
So, the question is, have we seen THE top? Answers, in the weekly report. 

Back from the gym

Today is CIT day for AORD, DAX FUTURE, HSI. 
AORD: is a short BELOW 6172.

Check out the alerts in the application !!!!!!!!


January 29, 2018 Monday

It is a day that resonates to the no. 5. This number is ruled by Mercury. This planet causes a volatile zig zag trade. Now it is departing from a square to Uranus. On the 31st it will enter Aquarius. On the same say we will have the Super Moon ( Perigee Moon with a Lunar eclipse. 
Aquarius is the last and highest in the hierarchy of the air signs.( Gemini-Libra-Aquarius). People born under this sign are detached, feel with their logic and mind, are seen as eccentrics and rather outsiders. 
Mercury is the planet of the mind. Mercury in Aquarius makes their holder very clever, different, geniuses. ( see Mozart). Surely, to be a genius, one needs more than just these two in Aquarius. 
People who have their Sun and Mercury in Aquarius: Mozart, Roosevelt, Clark Gable, Jimmy Hoffa, Burt reynolds, Neil Diamond, Placido Domingo, Ehud Barak, Mia Farrow, Yahuda His, John Belushi, Steve Wynn; Oprah Winfrey, Nicolas Sarkozy, Abdullah, King of Jordan II, Matt Dillon, etc. 

The Lunar eclipse will occur on the Leo/Aquarius axis, at 11 Leo. 
The following people will be effected- in a way or other.( one or more of their planets being at 11 Leo.):
Martha Stewart (Sun), Barbara Streisand ( Moon); Danny DeVito(Pluto); Ehud Olmert(PLuto); Goldie Hawn (PLuto); Denis Nilsen, Bette Midler, Moshe Katsav, Dolly Parton, Yehuda His, Donald Trump, World Bank, G.W.Bush; all have their Pluto at 11 Leo; 
SIlvester Stallone, (Pl and Merc); Bill Clinton; Mitt Romney, Glenn Close, Elton John ( he just announced that he is stopping to tour), etc... 
SO we see, the generation born between 1946-1947 have their Pluto triggered. 
Those born in 1957-1959, their Uranus will be under magnifying glass, and anything, that in their personal chart Uranus represents. 
Born between 1977: Saturn will be triggered. 
For Israel the eclipse falls on houses 4/10- interior issues and government will be triggered. The effect is 6 months + -, and we should also look at the other planets, like Uranus, Mercury, what they do.. 
For Benjamin Netanyahu it will be painful in particular. The eclipse falls in his 8th house, the Moon triggers his Venus- ruler of career. 
Transit Uranus is still in opposition his Libra stellium. Uranus will be exact on April 1st. Serious problem will culminate after Uranus leaves this stellium- towards May, when it enters Taurus. Even Saturn is now in opposition his Uranus! meanwhile he is more on planes than on the ground, to avoid the wolves. 

So let's look at the markets: 

It's 9:15 am, the East still trades. STI, KLSE, SET, NIFTY, NIFTY BANK are green, HSCE, HSI, NIKKEI are red. 
TA35: Closed at 1556.09- will open in 15 min. 

I gave you NNDM and RDHL a few days ago... Have you checked where are they? 

January 28, 2018 Sunday

I had a very long discussion yesterday on FB, with different astrologers about Mozart's chart. They did not accept the Libra rising, saying, we don't have to change a chart when we have a birth certificate-- as published on astro.com. So, I added the reasoning of Nikola,why he changed the chart to Libra rising. You are welcome to read it, below. 

Today we are under the effect of the Sun and Uranus.They are not in aspect. 
the Moon is at 22 Gemini- during the week she'll travel to Libra. We will have a perigee Moon on the 30th, and a Lunar eclipse on the 31st.- something to look out for. 
There is a square between Mercury-Uranus in the sky, and some other minor aspects. Will post alerts later, now off to the gym. 

s u p e r m o o n 

January 27, 2018 Saturday

The TA35  and S&P reports are out. Now I am working on the Nifty. it topped at 11110- What is expected next? 
HSI: topped at 33154! What next? Till when ? 
HSCE: 13723- what next?? 
Sign up to the forecasts! Be before others.. 

Today we remember Mozart. Born this day, in 1756. 200 years before me. We share Sun-Mercury conjunction in Aquarius, but he has Moon-Pluto in Sag- that made him a child prodigy. He also had Uranus-South Node in Pisces-Music Genius! Mind you, 
I learned violin, piano, organ, guitar, but nothing came out of me in the music field. 
Chart is rectified by Dusan Manojlov- student of Nikola Stojanovic

Why am I putting myself again in the picture? Because when I was a child Beethoven and Mozart were my idols. Then, and now, I still think, that one must make something out of his life, otherwise it is not worth living.
But let's get back to Mozart. 
In Wiki is written: 
Later years
See also: Mozart's Berlin journey

Toward the end of the decade, Mozart's circumstances worsened. Around 1786 he had ceased to appear frequently in public concerts, and his income shrank.[73]This was a difficult time for musicians in Vienna because of the Austro-Turkish War: both the general level of prosperity and the ability of the aristocracy to support music had declined.[68]

I am not sure his time- given in astro.com- is correct ( 8 pm- gives Virgo rising). By that time, if his income shrunk, we should get a very weak ruler of the 2nd house. And in this chart it is Venus, at 29th degree in Aquarius. In this sign, and degree one lives above one's possibilities, because of the 29th degree, but Aquarius doesn't care about money. Has no value- it is as monopoly paper. Correct me if I am wrong! But, using Libra rising, we get Pluto as ruler of money and in 1788 Directed Uranus squared Pluto; showing a sudden loss of income. 

By mid-1788, Mozart and his family had moved from central Vienna to the suburb of Alsergrund.[73] Although it has been suggested that Mozart's aim was to reduce his rental expenses, research shows that by moving to the suburb, Mozart had not in fact reduced his expenses (as claimed in his letter to Puchberg), but merely increased the housing space at his disposal.[74] Mozart began to borrow money, most often from his friend and fellow Mason Michael Puchberg; "a pitiful sequence of letters pleading for loans" survives.[75] 
The natural ruler of money is Pluto. On Jan 27, 1788 is conjuncted Chiron, which means, that he suffered from no income and other money problems. 

Maynard Solomon and others have suggested that Mozart was suffering from depression, ( Pluto on Chiron!+ Transit Chiron at 8 Gemini-120 to natal SUn)and it seems that his output slowed.[76] Major works of the period include the last three symphonies (Nos. 39, 40, and 41, all from 1788), and the last of the three Da Ponte operas, Così fan tutte, premiered in 1790.

Around this time, Mozart made some long journeys hoping to improve his fortunes: to Leipzig, Dresden, and Berlin in the spring of 1789, and to Frankfurt, Mannheim, and other German cities in 1790. The trips produced only isolated success and did not relieve the family's financial distress.[citation needed]
If you go to astro.com, you will find the following categories:

I was astonished to read, that he had 6 children! of what only 2 survived! What a shock! for a parent. 
it also says, that he was estranged from his mother, over money- We can see that either if we take the ruler of the 4th or the 10, Saturn or the Moon, both is weak position. Saturn in the 4th, shows difficulty in childhood, and Moon conj , Pluto- money problems.  
Phobias: afraid of being poisoned... the film "Amadeus" totally suggested it. If you have not seen the movie, it's a must!!!

Nikola Stojanovic explains, why they moved the asc.to Libra, instead of Virgo, as it appears in the birth certificate as per astro.com: 
Nikola Stojanovic

The third house of a horoscope speaks about the name. The cusp of the third house begins in Sagittarius (religion), showing us that this is a religious (Sagittarius) name (the third house), “The One That Loves God”. Moon, symbolizing changes, is situated in this house, thus the change (Moon) of the name (3 house) takes place, while on journey (3 house). The Moon conjunction Pluto, symbolizing all that is dead, and the new name is in Latin, the dead (Pluto) language (3 house).

Mozart's dream about living in Vienna, his Pianoland, is clearly visible in the position of Neptune in Leo in 10. house. Dreams and desires are symbolized by Neptune in Leo, so we can see his dream (Neptune) about life (Leo) in the capital (Leo) of arts (Neptune). It is also a well known fact that Vienna was born is Libra, and since Mozart's Ascendant is in Libra, Vienna (Libra) attracted Mozart like a magnet (Libra-Ascendant- action, first step) to live there. The reason for moving to Vienna was, of course, to escape from odious archbishop, but also from his father (Neptune- escape opposition Sun, Saturn-archbishop, father), and, in a broader sense, escape (Neptune) from provincial, imitating (Saturn) Salzburg (4 house).

Fame after death is brought by Saturn in Nadir, whereas many planets have to be under horizon. In Mozart's case, there are 8 planets under the horizon, and Saturn is situated precisely in Nadir in conjunction with Sun. Saturn is placed on the 2nd degree of Aquarius, the most powerful degree, showing us that in time (Aquarius, Saturn) his fame and popularity will grow higher and higher."

Enjoy the music!

January 26, 2018 Friday

Yesterday was THE day for me. I had a 19 years closure. I will not go into details, but it was a surprize and very significant evening for me. 

You, who read my blog for a couple of years, know, that I look at the charts of people in the news and in history, and to the charts of events, hurricanes, volcanoes, everything that happens. I don't look at mine. LOL... Very very seldom. But I did this morning, because yesterday's event moved something, from the past, and I had to check. I was not aware, that so many years passed so quickly... But yesterday I had a 19 years' closure. What moves 19 years? the Node of the Moon. I have a South Node return now, and I am cured of that major event 19 years ago. Thanks to astrology, that helped me rise above myself. 
You too, can check yours' see a special, or hard event occurring in your life, and know and be sure, that in 19 years it'll pass. Look at the Dial chart! Explains it clearly! 

So, let's see what happened in the markets while I was celebrating? 
The sky today: Mars is at 29th degree of Scorpio. 
The Earth is not quiet! 

I wrote yesterday that we have a CIT day for several indices. and we did. Not major, but still I guess most of the stops sent in the alerts were broken. 
ETH, LTC, XRP DAX Gold  : broke support. 
S&P broke, but came back... I would not count on it. 
DOW: is still hanging in there, and makes new highs! 
Nasdaq rallies! 
NATURAL GAS BROKE but recuperated, and we are again long. 

It's raining again, time to start writing my forecasts for the next week. How will it be? New recuperation? Bull trap, bear cycle?? Sign up now! Find out. 
See u later. 

Today is a CIT for Nifty!  


As of tomorrow we read the chapter " beshalach",

Rise above the nature of yourself.
Now is the time to jump to all the places we feared, that we
did not dare, that we feared, 

that we had given up ,
that we had given up hope
that they were impossible,
that we were lost ...

This chapter speaks of the impossible turning to be possible, the splitting of the sea and achieving goals in one's life. We come to a position, when we must cross the ocean, to achieve our goals. And if we don't listen to the surrounding, disturbing noises, we can. If we sit on Earth ( practical world) and do nothing, none of the miracles will happen. But if you mingle with the water, and stay together, with a strong decisive mind, everything is possible.

When people come for reading, what do they ask? When will I marry, or fall in love, how are my finances? These two are two different levels. One s the world of doing , practical, the former is the world of feelings, water. can the two work together? Can we find the balance?

January 25, 2018 Thursday

The thunderbolt that woke me up today, reminded me that it's my birthday. One after the other, someone up there just opened a bottle of champagne!!! LOL.. 
The Moon sextiles my Venus exactly, as I write now, and there is a Mercury-Pluto conjunction still in the sky. I am the "black sheep" in the family, everyone else is born between July- Sept- in opposition to my Sun, no wonder, noone beleives in astrology. I stopped arguing a long time ago. It's just a pity, that I cannot share or give on what I know. 
But, they do consult me from time to time. 
My mom is still here somewhere. I see and hear her all the time. This morning too. It is still a puzzle to me how she died. Probably I'll never know. These thought are killing me, beleive me. She was OK in the night I left her. In the morning she was gone. WHat happened in between? there in the hospital? 
OK... I should write in the diary and not here... but I'm used to. 

So let's see, what is happening in the sky? Besides the huge storm we are having? 
We have Mars, Jupiter and Neptune in water. The Sun and Venus are close to the South Node. This position is a bad position, bad news.. So we had earthquakes, tsunamis, a lot of car accidents (here at least); and this aspect will not go away till Feb3rd, when it'll be exact, and will be felt till Feb.9th, S.Node will conjunct Mercury, and leave, finally on the 12th. 
So we are seeing a revival of the Bitcoin. from the top of the cliff, 10000, it reversed, and was a long again, hope you followed the alerts. 
Today is a turning day for the S&P, AXJO, DOW, DAX Nasdaq, NYSE, Gold, Corn. Ripple and Bitcash. 
Ripple: from investing.com



Here is what Marina, from " Darkstar astrology thinks about the First decan of Aquarius- mine is at 4^
"Aquarius Decan 1 is ruled by Venus and Saturn (Aquarius triplicity). The fixed stars are a focused, bold, aspirational, metaphysical and quirky bunch that reside in the Arrow, the Eagle, the Goat, the Microscope and the Toucan. The sun aligns with these stars approximately from January 20 – 29. The first star in this decan is Sagitta the arrow, said to be the weapon that slew the eagle Aquila. This same eagle ate from the liver of Prometheus and Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius! However, Uranus’s astrological meaning has far more in common with the myth of Prometheus than it has to the Uranus myth. Prometheus was the hero known for stealing fire from the gods, which in turn enabled civilization to occur.

Mad Professors & Visionary Upgraders

Prometheus’ great hubris was punished however when the gods tied Prometheus to a rock. Each day Aquila, Zeus’s eagle would peck away at his liver, which grew back ad infinitum to be eaten away all over again. This myth is reflected by the fact Decan 1 Aquarians do become consumed by an idea and they have an insatiable appetite for acquiring wisdom. The rock in the myth symbolizes the connection to Aquarius’s traditional ruler Saturn. Decan 1 Aquarius seems to represent the quest for scientific knowledge and advancement, but also can over-reach itself. Aquila the Eagle is the largest star in this decan and Sagitta slew it, therefore Aquarians are prone to shoot themselves in the foot on occasion….(Continued In eBook) "
Keeping score: A while ago I analysed Oprah WInfrey's chart and I wrote, that she will not run for presidency. And now this 

January 24, 2018 Wednesday

It's grey outside and the rain is pouring on and off since yesterday. They said the big one is coming tomorrow. 
It is a turning day for the Ibex, WIG20, Eth. 
Yesterday I sent alerts for all indices and cryptos. 
Let's see Eth- for ex.: I gave down targets levels from 956.50 to 912. Fell to 920- and turned- so we went long with a stop at 912. - being a very important support level. 

Now we can raise stop to 970. 
I posted the graph of AMZN on FB: How much higher will it go? 1099 days rally. TOmorrow is CIT. 

So to find out where is your index, share or whatever you trade, sigh up for the weekly reports. 
Off to the gym. Take care. 

Sent some alerts on the Crude, Gold and Nat. Gas. Hope u saw it; 
I am looking at JPM: It bottomed at 12.27 in 2009 , Now it trades at 114.20.  Counting from Feb.2016 low, the target is around 115-122. Above these can go to 145-170. As long as it is in an up channel don't even think of shorts. Stop 111.50
FB: travelled from 18 in 2013- to 189.55 till now. Former targets given were 175- reached, 202- still waiting. Stop 178.8- 174. 
EBAY: Target given was 38. It is now at 39. Stop 38.50
MSFT: Ran up from 11.88- in 2009 to 92.30 ~ Stop is at 88 or 84. 
HD: From 13.90 in 2009 to 206.35- Stop should be 204. SHould go above 208 to continue the rally. 
AAPL: from 10.57 in 2009 to 180. Stop should be at 178- 174. 
DIS: is a short below 112
CAT: Now at 172- stop at 169. 
GPRO: Short was triggered below 8.5- now at 6.12. Long above 7.20 only. 
J&J: Broke the rally- Short below 148.
TREE: long above 384


January 23, 2018 Tuesday

The sky today: The planets have not moved, but the Moon is departing from the Sun. Today she will be in square to the Sun. 
Indices are hitting new highs, while cryptos are correcting. Some at critical levels.Breaking those, we will be above to buy them much cheaper. But, I am repeating myself. 
A few days ago I mentioned NNDM and RDHL, both are gaining. 
Sign up NOW for the weekly forecasts! Are we seeing a top? When and why? All in the report!!! 

News in the world? Let's see... Several minor earthquakes in California.But a big one now- in Indonesia.. 
On this day, in 1556, a huge earthquake killed 830000 people in China. There are many aspects that triggered that event, but I find also very interesting, that many planets met at 0-1 declination! One more detail that should be taken in consideration in the future. 

I'll update the alerts now, see u later. 

The Earth in not quiet! Mercury conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn, and there is a giatn quake in Alaska, 8.3! and tsunami alert all over the area. 
Let's make an experiment. 
My friend, Peter Novak, wrote on FB, that transit Uranus, Neptune Pluto on natal Saturn is disastrous event. 

QUOTE: Jan 21: 

Saturn/Uranus = shocking truths, shattering truths
Saturn/Neptune = sickening truths, nightmarish truths
Saturn/Pluto = painful truths, horrific truths

Let's see, who do I find in my database who will be under such a transit? 
So I am searching people with Saturn at 24 Aries with a 3-7 degrees orb- they will be under Uranus conjunction
These pop up: Jim Baker, Prince Friso II- son of Beatrice Queen of Holland born Sept 25, 1968
Saturn at 24 Libra- so Uranus is in opposition: Turkey. It is interesting that Turkey fled into Syria and is attacking the Kurds, but NO ONE talks about it. 
Stephen Paddock: April 9, 1953
Brigitte Macron: April 13, 1953
So People born in 1939 May and 1968, Sept have Saturn at 24-25 Aries which will be triggered now by transit Uranus. And people born in 1953 April and 1924, JUne like G.W.Bush, will have their Saturn in 24 Libra- will get Uranus in opposition. 
Exact dates that Saturn was at 24-30 Aries: 4/1/1910- 5/17/1910; 5/5/- 7/8/39; 6/23/1968- 5/1/69
Next: people who have their Saturn at 12-13 Pisces will be triggered by a Neptune conjunction:
Rodney King: April 2, 1965, Robert Downey,J. ; KKK Dec 24.1965
People or events  with Saturn at 12 Virgo: Greco-persian war 3/21/449; William Henry Harrison, Eisenhower, Bruce Springsteen, Jay Leno, Marc Dreier, Anders Behring Breivik.
Next people or events with Saturn at 17 Cap- will get a conjunction from Pluto.
Saturn was at 17 Cap in April-December 1960- in Jan-Oct 1931; 
Saturn was at 17 Cancer- will get an opposition from Pluto:  between Jul 10 Dec 1239, Jul.20 1945-
Here is a graph showing when was Saturn in the a/m degrees: 

Look up what happened then in history. 

I have a weakness for gypsies. I grew up with them. Today we remember Django Reinhardt, Famous guitarist from Belgium. born on this day. in 1910.
RIP. Listen to the music..

Stendhal was also born today, in 1783. One of his quotes: "Only great minds can afford a simple style. 
Here is another: God's only excuse is, that he does not exist. 
Now, who can say these sentences? Someone with an Aquarius stellium! :) 

"Qanon writes about Judge Scalia, that new they know he was murdered. " 
Here is what I wrote on March 20, 2016 in this blog.

I am reading various posts on FB. I read about Antonin Scalia. 

How he died/ was killed? while sleeping.. I had to check out his chart... After looking at all the aspects, I tend to believe that he did not die of natural causes. 
Now, I don't know him, and I am not familiar with politics. I am just looking at his chart: Astro.com has his time of birth, so this is the correct chart. Sun at 21.20Pisces, Moon 3.24 Libra. Both were triggered by the last eclipses. But, what is extraordinary, is to find transit Jupiter, NN, Lilith and the Killing point Anareta- right across his Sun. What would you think with such a position?? Now to add this, Saturn in transit( government) is at the Pluto-Uranus midpoint, and also Venus, Lilith.. Now you see what I see?

 Feel free to 


Ebertine teaches us about the Saturn midpoint at URA/PL: One sidedness, egotism,stubbornness,hatred,exposure to extremely great pressure by others, separation caused through higher Power. 

May he rest in peace.."

January 22, 2018 Monday

The Moon just moves to Aries. Watch it !! We might get a deeper correction. 
One of the cryptos' favorites is the Ripple: Good scenario: falls only to the trendline. Bad scenario: falls below! 

January 21, 2018 Sunday

The weather is nice outside, the sky is blue. 
I see there was a 6.3 earthquake in Chile. Hope people did not get hurt. 
I also read about Angela Merkel. Here is the article. Will she be forced to step down? I'll check her chart later. 

The sky today: The Moon is now in Pisces., just leaving a conjunction to Neptune. By the time US opens tomorrow the Moon will cross over to Aries; bringing in new energy. 
We have several celestial couples: Sun-Venus in Aquarius, mercury-Pluto in Capricorn, Mars-Jupiter in Scorpio, with a wide orb. Upon these are my calculations based. 

The cryptos continued to rise or at least to consolidate. 
Bitcoin:  breaking 12000, will fall back ! Must go above 13000- to rally. 

ETH: Falling below 1097- we will be above to buy it cheaper! 

Fell from 3.4 to 1.20- it'll be a big short if falls below 1.2

Litecoin: After a small rally it is now again in the danger zone, stop 197-194. 

Sundays the markets are closed, except for the cryptos and us and the Arab countries, so this is the day to trade it. People are at home, and in the cold weather, what can they do? but to trade... 

TA35: our index will open in an hour, closed at 1533. The futures are 0.03% positive. Probably we will wait for the US till tomorrow. The close was on an important support level.

Here is the monthly graph of the Shekel/Dollar Fell from a major support line. The govm. said they'll keep it at 3.5- but they didn't, now it trades at 3.4- beack to Aug 2011 level. The lowest was on 2008- 3.20

North and South Korea meet!
The planets have an answer to this event- as always! Since their chart is very similar, both countries share a Scorpio Chiron- the open wound- and now, in the sky, the big benefactor is conjunct. Also, the last solar eclipse, that occurred at 27 Leo, and the Feb. Solar eclipse that will be on 27 Aquarius- both triggered the counties' saturn. So some law and order enters the stage.

Let's hope it'll last! Credit is given to mt. Trump. 

 So let's see what is happening with Mrs. Merkel? I am writing about her since 2011. You are welcome to comment, and bring your arguments too. 
Born on July 1, 1954 17:57 in Hamburg with the Ascendant at 15 Sag. and the Moon at 15 Aquarius. She is almost 64. Her Sun in conjunct Uranus in Cancer at 24 degrees. Transit Uranus squares this point, as it did between June 24-Sept 4, 2016 , between  April 9-24, 2017 and Dec.1-Feb 4,2018 for the third and last time. If I take a wider orb and not exact, than till may 2018 its effect will be felt. Uranus brings unexpected issue, revolutions, and she got it , full time, hasn't she? The opposite party headed by Schultz came to power and now she has to divide the cake. I know people in Germany had enough of her, but I also think the substitute will be worse- But I don't have to say my opinion. I have to look at the planets. Are they still backing her or not? 
Saturn is the key to this IMO. Her Saturn is at 2 Scorpio in the natal chart. But if I look at the directed chart 1 deg /year, it is at 6 Cap. And where is transit saturn? On the Directed Saturn, AND sextils natal Saturn. So she will stay on stage.
There is one issue, thou.. nothing is rosy completely. Mars, ruler of her 4th, the home, the roots, the people she is based on, moved to Pisces. This is a rather weak position for a fire planet in water, so this shows, IMO, her weakening. Also, Venus , ruler of the MC- career moved to Scorpio, bu that happened 8 years ago, so not very relevant to today's issues. 
Looking further into the future, in 2.7 years ( Oct 30, 2020) Pluto will move to Scorpio, and that will give her again powers. 
Today transit Jupiter is right on her Asc/MC MP. A very strong position! 
TImes to watch : Jan 27th, Feb 11th, March 13, April 19, May 9, June 22!!!, June 28, Aug 11, Aug 30, Oct 12, 16, Nov 29th, Dec 5,26, 2018 

Waiting for your input! 

January 20, 2018 Saturday

I read the US government went to a shutdown.

Looking at the inauguration chart, I found the following reasons or arguments for it.
The upcoming Lunar Eclipse at 11 Leo makes a 150^ ~bad~aspect to the ruler of the 11th House, which is Neptune, representing the Senate.
The upcoming Solar eclipse, on 27 Aqua in Feb 15th, is right on the inauguration chart, Jan.20,17- Part of Fortune.
Also, there are 3 "death" asteroids: Klotho: shows the thread of life, Inthe natal chart is at 19 Scorpio. Transit Jupiter is right on it. problems were written on the wall when Mars was conj. Jup.
Lachesis: the second asteroid measures the length of the life, is at 6 Aquarius and transit Venus is conjunct- Venus rules the Asc. 

Finally Atropos is the cutter of the thread, the final blow. Shows the manner of the death and the time. Is at 24 Gemini in Retro in the natal chart. it squares Mars and is in opposition Saturn.- And who is at 24 degrees in the sky? Uranus, which triggers them all.
During past shot downs the indices rallied- read here 

What does anyone else think ? 

We wake to a very nice and warm day. It's great to see the nature calm down. But, I must work. Maybe later I'll be going to the beach with a book. 
The S&P, Nifty and TA35  etc ... reports are ready, writing now the rest. 


January 19, 2018 Friday

We had a huge storm last night. The sheds and windows were trembling, I was afraid the wind will tear them out. But it didn't. The power did not go off, so I was ok, but in many other areas of the country people were inundated and stuck without heat and light. It's over now. How small we are against nature! I read that Europe got its winds as well. let me see Windy.. 
It doesn't show last night's storm.. Anyways, as you can see it'll be nice later today and tomorrow. 
So why did this happen? Yesterday Venus entered Aquarius- air sign. Aquarius is: " cold, moderate, light, lightnings" as I wrote down once... Anyone can give a better explanation? Now that I look at the chart, I see also the Moon conjunct the South node in Aquarius, so this too could be a reason in the combo of events. 
What does anybody else think? 

Today we are under the effect of Venus ( in Aquarius) and Uranus! Wow! This means, a very hectic trade with a surprise outcome. So watch your stops! See the alerts I gave yesterday.
Today is a CIT day for KLSE, Nikkei, Nifty and BIG.
the Nikkei: Topped at  24084- From 19219 low in Sept,2017; Stop should be at 23911- or for intraday 24050. Cycle end is still much higher. 
For the Nifty I gave alerts yesterday in the app. 
KLSE: Stop is at 1819.50 
US markets are still above stops. The Vix ran up, so that's something to watch! It's options expiration day today, so that's probably the reason. 

I shall start to prepare my forecast now, so stay warm and be good. 

3:15 pm : OK. Nifty forecast for the next week is ready. So is TA35- Sign up now! Don't miss it! 
I'm waiting for the options expiry in the US, to write the next forecast. Stay tuned. 
Meanwhile I'll send some crypto alerts. 
All my alerts and targets posted yesterday for the cryptos were reached. NOT BRAGGING. Just keeping score. 
By the way, I have a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in LEo- I am SUPPOSED TO BRAG and tap myself on my shoulder. 

News from Nasa ! For you Tim from Michigan. Look out on the 4th of Feb. another giant is to approach our Earth. 


January 18, 2018 Thursday

Anyways, let's look at the markets. I bought a bag of Litecoins yesterday, very cheap, now they are prospering.. 

S&P: If you are a weekly subscriber, you got several stops based on math, technicals and planets. Planets' wise we were stopped out at 2784- and above it , was a long again. So it was a tricky day yesterday. Stop should be at 2793. 

Last alert on the Dow : 1/15: Stop was 25725- it is still above it, making new highs. -as expected. 
Nasdaq too, makes new highs. 439 days rally- since Nov.4,16.
WIll post some alerts now.I was sure I posted yesterday, but I see now that I only planned to... and never got to do it. 
I read about Tyler Hilinski. They say he commited suicide. Looking at his progressed chart on the natal { Solar chart} I don't think so... But what do I know? 

Maybe you out there can comment?

Then, as Tom from Michigan wrote, they had a meteor blast on the 16th, it was heard till Canada. Here is the chart of the event>

Tom, I really don't know what to search for in this chart. I only see Uranus, weird event, in the 9th house- from far away- event happening. There was also the SUn/Moon conjunction and Sun/Venus conjunction, I don't know what else can point to this event ANYONE ??
I know that there are thousands of meteors falling all the time. One killed the dinosaurs millions of years ago. As I said, glad noone got a heart attack of the blast. 
What I wrote in the past and I am dead serious now, I expect extra terrestiral encounters while Uranus is in Aries, so we shall watch out for that.